Creating mold profile for foundry

I need to send a design to a foundry, therefore for the molds that they use I need to create my design in two halves, each face (of which there are many) needs ot have a 1,5° deform to enable it to be removed from the foundry mold. Is there an action to perform thsi automatically in shapr, or do I need to do as I have done and perform it manually face by face?
Thanks for any help in advance!

Basically doing it manually I have used transorm function, selcting and edge point and rotating each face 1,5° inwards, however I have had to do it for every single face, for injection moulding there is always a deform angle to assist in removing the object afterwards. ‘Other programs’ have the automated feature.
Just wondering if it was possible in S3D or I need to do it as I have been.

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Hi @tornadogr1 , the Extrude tool has a draft angle parameter.

Thanks alot for the reply, yes I have seen and it is great, however I have a multitude of surfaces and cylinders in the design, in particular with the cylinders the faces need to be offset at 1,5° from centre while the edge remains at the diameter specified. I think the only way is to implement this at the original design stage. If only the revolve tool had the same feature :ok_hand: