Draft Angles

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I already found out that i can create draft angles with the extruding tool, but is it also possible to select single parts of my object in order to create different draft angles?

Hi! Unfortunately currently we don’t have a draft tool.

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Oh ok.Thank you for your quick answer!

New to Shapr3d and doing some reading. One of my current searches for any type of Draft function. I use it a fair amount with Fusion.

Along with being able to have a history timeline to tweak elements. I do like Shapr3d for being able to bring in scanned pieces and able to modify or add to.

No draft function. Could be approximated with scale and offset tool.

Included here is a link for making a mold, and creating draft.

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Its doable… it just won’t do it FOR you.
You can create drafted elements and designs… you just have to PLAN for draft as you model.

Thanks for the feedback and information. Rotating the face at the edge. When selecting translate, was thinking for the whole object and not a surface. So, good information.

I also use 2 dimension Chamfers, instead of Draft, at times. I have a friend who could do some amazing work in TinkerCAD by subtracting. So, good to learn tips and tricks for solutions.