Headphone tutorial help - creating a "draft"

Hello there,

New to the Shapr community, CAD and 3D printing in general. Spent a lot of hours trying different software; as a life-long Mac user, Shapr has really stuck and I’m enjoying learning it.

To do that, I’m carefully following along with a number of tutorials. In the headphone tutorial (3D Design Headphones | Shapr3D Industrial Design Tutorial - YouTube), at about 11:28, Claas extrudes a face 15mm and then immediately gives it “a nice draft” of 45 degrees.

For the life of me I can’t figure out how to get the “draft” tool. I’m clicking on the face, searching the menus, etc. Is this an actual tool, or is it like an attribute of the face? And where should I be clicking to get the control to show?

Happy to supply any other info. Thanks in advance!

It’s built into the Extrude tool. When you extrude a profile, you’ll have two controls, a draft angle and a height.