Creating or generate TEXT in the design

I’m trying to 3D print names and other things, what is the easiest way to generate texts and add letters.
Thank you.

Sketch them out yourself.
Or Search the Forum for Alphabet.
There are some with Upper and Lowercase.
There may be need to Extrude the Closed Shapes in some cases.

Hi Karrar, you can create a sketch of the texts on Procreate or Concepts App and then import the sketch into Shapr3d in DWG/DXF format.

If you are looking for something to use right away you may be interested in this:

I have been using clip art text , tracing it, and then extruding.

Can you elaborate please? Procreate doesn’t export in DWG or DXF format, so what format would you export from Procreate to use in Shapr3D?


Hi, you can create the sketch using Concepts app, Illustrator or Corel draw and then export in DWG/DXF format.

Alternative you can download this workspace with all alphabets and simply project the letters to your design:

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I’ve given up trying to do it natively… for the moment. You will have to render text in IA export as stl and import into shapr3d that way you get EXACTLY the font you want…and scalable also the above, you can do an entire font which is handy👍🏼

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Hi all! We’ve finally added an own Text tool with the 5.30 release. You can now easily convert text into 2D sketches without leaving the app, so just give the tool a spin and let us know how it works. Thanks for your patience & happy modeling!

This will make a BIG difference for me. I add text to a lot of designs. Thanks !

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I’m trying to use a font that I commonly use in other programs. It does not show up in the text selection menu. What format does the font need to be in?