Shapr3D for woodworking

About 6 months ago I purchased an iPad Pro and pencil. My intent was to use this to design woodworking projects. I had tried using Sketchup, but it does not seem very intuitive and is not user friendly in my book. I was shown Shaper3d at the apple store as a possible solution. I see that it does an awesome job of circles and other such things that are more for engineers . I need it to do basic functions. Example…If I was designing a wall cabinet 7 feet tall, 2 feet wide, and 1 inch thick with dados every 8 inches and a back and shelves to go into the dados. And once completed be able to know what the measurements are so I can go into the shop and build it or take it to the client and alter it. The idea of being able to rough draw a rectangle with the pencil, type the dimensions in and have it spring to that size, them move it where I want it, copy and past similar pieces…well that would be amazing! Add a material cut list and you would save me tons of time. Do y’all something like that?

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You can essentially do the work products you are requesting but it is a semi-automatic process that largely depends on your skill, approach and workflow. Suggest you just try to do something simple. If you look through YouTube, there is an example of a birdhouse. And others…

Just do it is the best approach forward. Keep at and you will succeed…