High quality Stl file suggestion

So I noticed that to export a high quality Stl file you need a full pro subscription and while I understand why this is done as a hobbiest the ability to export my project without the curves becoming hexagons is vital my suggestion would be the ability to buy or even have a cheaper subscription to just this feature to make this app more usable for hobbiest


Unfortunately the only thing to do is wait for a sale. I did. The sale is usually late summer.

Had a pretty good cyber Monday sale too! Brand new to design and this app is helping me so much to create my own stuff to print and sell! Well worth it at the price they’re asking ( said the guy who only paid half lol).

Their pricing model is:
Free basic
Free pro for edu
Pro ($240)

It seems like you could lock basic down to sketch, move, rotate, scale, extrude, chamfer (demonstrates core features for shapes/vectors), layers, views, add in a hobbiest tier at $50 for adding high quality STL import/export and keep pro at full unlock.

Demonstrates core features for basic users
Satisfies hobbiest requirements
Doesn’t neuter the pro tier while giving more incentive to upgrade to unlock advanced tools
Removes need for users having to wait for yearly sales