Delete lines between multiple faces within same body?

How can I delete those unintended lines ? After I select them, I find no operation or tool to get rid of time. Most importantly, I want its side to look smooth and seamless as I would use it in a patent drawing.

Try using Replace Face on that curved surface.

Hey gdfyff,

this “unintended lines” are tangent-edges. They are pretty standard in the CAD-world and more mature programs than shapr3D (no offense!) have options for handeling them on (for instance “show”, “hide” and “phantom” in SolidWorks) - but Shapr3D does not seem to be there yet (at least I did not find any option for this) - one can say, that in this state of development making technical drawings is no strength of Shapr3D.

Meanwhile I suggest following workaround:

  • Save the drawing as .dwg or .dxf
  • Open the exported file in an other program (like SolidEdge 2D Drafting [it’s free])
  • Delete the tangent edges
  • Print your drawings for the patent from there

Another way could be:

  • You can of course make screenshots and erase unwanted edges (or their pixels) in a graphic-software (like MS-Paint).

Sorry that I could not find a better solution for you, but I hope the workaround works out for you.

Good luck for the patent!

Cheers Matt

Thanks so much for your through and passionate reply! I am new to the 3D and engineering world with limited knowledge about them, and you took times providing such useful information and practical solutions for me. Thank you again and wish you all the best!