How to Remove Unwanted Lines in Shape

This is my ceramic knife blade, colored white. There are a number of lines that are undesired (highlighted) and I really don’t know how they became artifacts?

Can these be deleted? If not, can you please provide some guidelines so that these types of lines do not arise in Shapes?



s3d file encl


Blade Join.shapr (676 KB)

You can’t. In solid modeling, “lines” are there for a reason: they are the connection between two faces. Those two faces not necessarily share their underlying surface, and unless they have the same surface, or at least the connection between the two faces are G2 (but at least G1) continuous, the faces can not be merged. Shapr very carefully removes all the unnecessary edges btw., so if you have an edge somewhere, it is there for a reason :slight_smile:

Thanks for the continuity link. While interesting reading, it is not very helpful in a practical sense.

What would be helpful is a very simple minded example showing how a situation like this can be provoked. Otherwise we are like my friend with 8 children. Once he figured out what caused them, he quit…



Why do you want to remove them?

Because they were unintended in my design. As I work more with s3d I recognize these problems sooner such that I can Undo until I see where they come from… But in the prior case I had already quit the application.

Shapr3D is really a great application; thanks.