Design a nose cone of a 747

Hi, I am hoping someone can come up with a better way than I have for approximating the nose cone of a Boeing 747. I have attached a picture of the nose cone I am trying to achieve which is essentially an asymmetric rounded cone with the peak off-centre. The only way I have come close is using the loft tool through multiple layers where I have drawn the contour, however, it does not give a perfectly graduated curve to the exterior. I haven’t managed to come up with a way to utilise the revolve tool as I am unable to incorporate the asymmetric nature of the shape I want to achieve. Would anyone know of a good way to approach this (apart from loft). Thanks.

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Its a little smaller, but same…it was made before the guided loft tool. Now much more easyer.

Thanks, I didn’t know about the guided addition to the loft feature, that seems like it will be very helpful in achieving what I want.

Here is a Thingiverse file as well.