Design and Body Management

I’m coming across a few things I’d like to bring up to this active community.

I’m working on a complex design. A house, with everything in it (eventually), in place on a topography map of the land where it will be built.

I find myself building objects that I would like to have as their own Design. There currently is no way to export an S3D body, only the Design as a whole. So to get a Design of just that Body, or group of bodies, I have to copy the Design and delete everything else. Oof :persevere: (there are hundreds of bodies) I would love to see the ability to export bodies, or groups of bodies, into a New Design.

I prefer to build some of the objects in the house as their own Design and then import them into the bigger Design. It would be nice if we could import straight from our Designs in the app.

It’s not a big thing to first save to Files but the files can add up in a hurry and it seems redundant. It would be great if it was possible to Save to Files from Designs without having to open the file and export. I can see that if you need to export in a different format having the file open is necessary but not to simply copy the .shapr file.

There have been other threads on improvements to the Design tab, like folders or stacks, so I won’t dwell on that but I hope it’s on the roadmap.

There have also been other discussions of the workarounds for a lack of object library where Bodies could be shared between designs. Is this or anything like it on the roadmap?

When moving a complex object that is made of many Bodies it would be great to be able to use Align. Translate is a passable workaround for now.

I know we have all be clamoring for dimensions (I understand they are imminent :smiley:) but it would be nice to be able toggle their visibility like Constraints. When there are many layers of sketch planes visible with many locked dimensions it can be well… visually overwhelming and the labels can get in the way.

Thanks for reading this far. It’s late so I hope I made some sense. I know I jumped around. I’m interested to hear other experiences and thots on these topics.

Here are a couple pics of the larger work in progress. (I know there is section for sharing our work but you read so far you deserve a reward :wink:)


Have you tried exporting as an STL?
Hide the sketches and Construction planes, etc before you export, then export without the hidden items. You will be saving the body only which can then be imported back to your original design.
I know this is not the best solution, but it’s a decent work around.