Undo Last Import to stop app Crash

I would like to know if there is any way of undoing the last part import I did on a design. It has just pushed my design over the iPad Pro capability and now I cannot open and save my design it is the only one currently on the tablet. Even if there is a way to copy it from my tablet in order for me to use it on the MacBook Pro, where can I find the current file please help very desperate.

Well now I am looking for where Shapr saves it’s project files on iPad. Can’t find it. That’s a problem. Anyone Apple people know a work around? I see the shapr files I exported in shapr format but none of my other projects. I sure would like to see those saved to my machine by DEFAULT!

I use Dropbox. If you don’t have it ask someone for an invite and they get more free storage. Simply drop in in and open it on the other machine. You did name the project?

Now I’m scrambling to export my projects to my files.

Good morning. Yes did name it, problem is I cannot export as I cannot open it, it crashes before it opens, so no way of opening. Followed a forum which helps you to extract workspaces from iPad to Macbook, however the files are not highlighted and cannot be opened in Shapr on the Macbook, must be some way of finding where Shapr on Mac saves the workspaces and then the workspaces from iPad needs to be placed there, I hope. Trying that this morning