Shapr hangs at tessellating bodies when Trying to open file

Shapr hangs at tessellating bodies when Trying to open a project file.
The file was created a ± 8 months ago, was using the latest version then, and using the latest version now. I don’t have access to a desktop machine and I would really like to continue working on this project. Thank you for any help you can provide.

Hi Sergio. No garuntee this will work, but try going to the part of the interface where you see all your designs in thumbnail view and select the drawing you are having trouble with (either by clicking and holding, or by using the select action in the upper right hand corner.) Once selected this will show an option to “Duplicate” the design. Try opening this new design to see if it was a glitch or if it may be something that is an issue in the design itself.

Hi Jmartin thank you for your suggestion, really appreciated.
The duplicate hangs equally at the same stage as the original.

It was worth a shot. I just posted a feature request on the new features forum page that would add functionality for a limited export interface without needing to open the document which could be a solution to your problem in a future update.

Yes definitely worth a shot :wink: That’s a great idea !

Hi Sergio,I see that you mentioned that you do not have access to a PC, please can you give it some more time to load, it eventually load as long as the design is not crashing the app.

As the other workaround will be to try extracting the design through iTunes, using a desktop following the steps below and then send us the file via

  1. Plug your iPad to your desktop, open iTunes.
  2. Click on the tablet icon on the top left
  3. Open the Shapr3D app from the list, also on the left.

Here is a more detailed article on how to go about this

File sent !:wink:

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