Design scale not the same when exported to slicer

Here’s what I do. I upload a scanned image. I then draw a line nearby that is the desired length. Just like I did with the 1.5". You can select the image and scale accordingly. Then go ahead and sketch/trace.

You can still salvage what you did here. You can also scale all 3 entities- the sketch(s), the image, and the part. I would probably just scale the part up and leave it at that.

Thanks thats what ill probably do. Anyways when i hit the right scale, it’ll be easy to reprint next time around. Thank you.

Looks good, I looked at it briefly.
As Mike says, you need to scale the image properly when you import it.
This is best checked with a newly drawn line.
The contour of the glasses can also be made with arc segments or splines instead of lines.
Or make very large radii on your lines at the transitions.
This gives the glasses a beautiful, continuous contour.
For the 3D printing OBJ as an export format, the network structure is much more detailed and makes a lot of difference with some slicers.


Appreciate the feedback. This was my impromptu attempt to fix a problem at work where we have this EYE PPE that comprises of a olastic eye shield and the plastic frame(the one im replicating) to hold the plastic shield. We have tons of the plastic shield but none of the plastic frame and we desperately need this EYE PPE in the O.R. where i work.

Reach out to the Prusa community. They have a PPE program going already.

Where are you? USA?

thank you for the suggestion. this PPE is not only for COVID-19 use. Its our daily EYE PPE we use at work but we are not able to avail of because we don’t have the frames to use with the Plastic shield that we have an abundance of. so i would not want to trouble anyone else as i know they are busy as it is.


Prusa has a database of Printer owners.PrusaPrinters

You can appeal to some of the groups in your area. I can commit to 10 after I do a teardown to grease my linear bearings. I have a rather large project to do in the near future.
If PETG is suitable material.

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im good. but thank you much for your kind offer. goes to show there are still people who care.

stay safe

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