Designs disappeared?!

I was working on my house project for several months, since last year, until the begining of this year. Then I made a break of several months, to half a year, and I stopped paying Shapr, thinking the designs are synced into the cloud, like everything else on my iPad is. Now I installed the app again and wanted to get back to my designs but I can’t find them anywhere.

Are you deleting them after a customer stop paying for a several months? This would be a disaster to me, I spent hundreds of hours on this….

It’s totally stupid on my side that I let my files sit on someone else’s computers for so long, but if you indeed deleted them, I think it’s too short period. How much space they can take up? One of my old designs I have saved is 4MB. Something much complicated won’t be larger than 10-15mb.

Hi @red, I’m sorry to hear that. Until 2 months ago Shapr3D Cloud did not exist, and all your data was stored locally. Today, if you turn on Shapr3D Cloud your data will be synced across your devices and will be backed up automatically. If you deleted the app, your local data was deleted too. We only delete data from the cloud at the request of our users.