Detaching a shape from an object

The title says it all.
Let’s say I projected a plane onto an object (think of a bottle and the projected plane would be the label).
I can then extrude the object (for example 0.5mm as paper depth) - so far, so good.

Now I would like to be able to have the bottle and label as separat objects for further texturing inside of Blender.

Is there a possibility to make the project plane (label of the bottle) a separat object inside of Shapr3D?

Hi, I will make 2 duplicate copies of the model such that I will then have 3 copies of the design.

Then use the Subtract tool to detach the individual parts of the model using the 2 duplicate copies while I still have an original copy of my design.

Here’s our short great video on the Subtract tool:

Thank you for the advice! Seems a bit complicated to me, but i guess it gets the job done. :slight_smile:

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