Device question - what hardware you are using for Sharpr3D?

I am going to buy something -most likely Apple ipad Pro M2 -waiting for it to be on market ( apparently no RAM limitation to 5GB as in 2021).
Today I use Apple iPad Air 4th gen is very good machine, but it has limitation of RAM as total only 4GB :frowning: too many crashes not possible to create complex designs… as car :slight_smile:

I used to worked with Wacom tablet and/or simply computer but now after using Ipad, I can’t go back to and sit, in one place, for hours! Many cables, keyboard, key - shortcuts, No ! - it is like going backwards for me…
Looked at Wacom Mobile Pro - soooo expensive, crazy! Who buys these things, and still you need cables, keyboard and is getting very hot-as per reviews of other artists.(I watched many)

What do you use? What do you think is best for you…


I use the last version before M1, and have very good success. However, when M2 comes out, I will buy it with as much RAM and Storage as possible.


2021 MacBook Air M1
One by WACOM

Just ordered a SpaceMouse from Amazon which should be arriving later today :slightly_smiling_face:

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iOS 16 will have support for virtual memory swapping, which means the amount of actual RAM will become mostly irrelevant. What I don’t know is if it will be limited to M1 and M2 iPads or if A series silicon will support it.

True there is no any confirmed facts how the M2 will be applied. I hope that performance will be simply enough to handle complex designs. Tiered of crushes or alerts and thinking of software or hardware performance instead of being really focused on design and not need to compromise : maybe work im two files for one project or myabe less materials or may be move over to Laptop …ehhhh Too much distraction and time that goes to searches for new” good enough” device and not overpriced. At this stage IPads should not be the expensive toy that kids can draw for fun or watch YouTube :wink:

In theory, yes, but in reality, not. :slight_smile:

I’ve already tested it, it gave about 25% more headroom, after which the app still runs out of resources. You can only bump unused data to the virtual memory, and moving it back to the RAM is also quite slow, so even if you don’t crash, the performance degrades as soon as you start using the virtual memory.

Currently only M series silicon supports it, personally I expect it to be the case in the final version too, as this could be a differentiator between the “Pro” hardware with M series chips, and the mainstream with the A series.

Hi Laci,
It’s a pity to hear the news that the problem of RAM restrictions cannot be solved for a period of time, and relatively complex design and modeling have to face the option of returning to PC.

I don’t think it’s a big issue. With Sync soon being available on all platforms, you can use all kinds of devices for their biggest advantages.

In my opinion, the pencil interaction will always be superior for prototyping and quick iteration, I think about 80% of the design could be done on a relatively strong iPad, and let’s not forget, iPads will keep improving with the new chips and more memory every 2 years or so.

Desktop devices, with a lot more ram will come in handy for the final details.

So in the end, just use all the platforms for what they are the best at. :slight_smile:


Yes. I think most of us is aware of that we can always work on PC / apple laptops but working on IPad is not only fast and looks good but is a pleasure of working mobile and only need a pencil for it. Is very intuitive, motivating and creative in my opinion .
Going back to keyboards and sitting only at one and the same place for hours is simply old way of working … :slight_smile: again in my opinion.

ons 22 juni 2022 kl. 11:11 skrev László Kóródi via Shapr3D forums <>:


That’s completely fine, you just have to live with both the advantages, and the limitations of that device. :slight_smile:

In my opinion, a workstation with Spacemouse, Wacom tablet or the iPad being used with Sidecar is pretty close to the iPad experience, but I completely agree, it’s not for everyone.

Ultimately, use what works best for you, that’s why we are supporting multiple platforms. :slight_smile:

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I’m using an iPad 12.9” model, the one before the M1. I’m impressed at how well it handles large files in Shapr and Nomad Sculpt, but I intend to buy the 2022 model as I expect it to be even better.

Yes I hope that will be good enough with M2. I really love to work on IPad … I do it for hours and works perfectly while designing on my low RAM IPad Air but I can’t add any more materials( on this specific project) complex designs with materials added - all simply crashes . But yes rendering here on Shapr3d is so fast and looks awesome . So now I will be working in grey on this bigger project until M2 arrives…
I use Nomad Sculpt too and watching my polygons not raise too much :slight_smile: - ehhhh trying to not build anything complicated there, as for now.

ons 22 juni 2022 kl. 20:30 skrev Stephen via Shapr3D forums <>:

I received some new hardware today that I had recently ordered from Amazon.
Can anyone guess what it is? There’s a clue in the little video I put together :wink:

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Over 300 parts and 50mbs in this project so far and no problems on my 2020 iPad 12.9. Once or twice Shapr paused for about 10 seconds when I tried to do things on the model that weren’t possible, but that’s to be expected.