Diablo Saw Blade - Thoughts?

Just created a Diablo Saw blade in Shapr3D. Visualization is really quite nice!


DOPE! Great work.

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That is awesome :star_struck:

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That’s the magic of Visualization. Drag, drop, eye-pop! :heart_eyes:
Plus, it’s easy, fun and extremely quick. Getting clients to love our realizations and approve (they can finally see their own choice without having to wait for a gazillion-parameter render) has never been so user-friendly.
I still use raytracing and other “eye-can’t-even-see-details” for final renders, but I’m sold. Visualization is dope!
Better results, 100th of the time and energy usually needed.
Gorgeous work with the blade (do you spar, BTW? That would be awesome, but I’m off-topic there). Lighting on metals and paint is often a pain, but you make it look like it’s nothing. Kudos.
The Shapr3D team is just getting started, and so are we. I’m eager to know what the future holds!


Perfect result :+1: