Diameter symbol

Hello Shapr3d Team,
Is there a possibility to add the diameter symbol in an linear measurement line
many thanks.

You mean in Drawings?

Hello Istvan. Sorry my imprecise question .
My question relates to the area of ​​the drawings. When I add an linear dimension from a cylinder in an sideview, I can’t find a way to add a diameter symbol.
Is there a possibilities to do this?
Many thanks

There isn’t a dedicated feature for it, but you can add the ⌀ character as text. Would that work for you?

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Ok this is a solution to do it. It is not really a very good solution…It only works when the dimension line is horizontal. When your dimension line is vertical I have found no way to turn the text box at 90° to correctly add the Ø symbol… ?

  • Is it possible to turn text boxes vertical?
  • Maybe you can add to your roadmap the feature to add Ø symbol in linear dimension??
    Many thanks
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No, currently it’s not possible create vertical text boxes. This is a great point, thanks for bringing this up. I’ve forwarded this to the product team.