Dimension Font Size on iPad

The dimension annotations on my iPad are so large that they are cluttering the design space, and making it difficult to see what I am editing. Is there a way to make them smaller?


Second this, it was brought up with the constraint icons overlapping node points and was scheduled to be fixed with the latest update. The constraint icons were, but they and dimensions are very large.

This is extremely annoying when working on objects that are only 50-60mm wide with lots of geometry packed in areas. I’ve resorted to doing geometry in different steps so I can actually see what’s happening.


Hello, i have a similar experience on 11" iPad. The font size of dimensions and icon size of constraints are too big and often cover sketches.

my sketches are very simple, but even with few lines it can get frustrating to select things. I use apple pencil which is very accurate, but it gets difficult to select desired items without accidentally clicking on some constraint or popping open the dimension prompt.

Here’s an example, with everything selected for a more dramatic effect:

Version 5.631.0.7013 #d7005c3d

You can move the dimensions, so it won’t cover your sketches. Even if we made them smaller, it’d always cover something. The font size was chosen based on best readability and interaction area, as the dimensions also function as buttons.

Hey, @Istvan cheers! appreciate the swift reply.

I’m aware of ability to position the dimensions and it helps a little. However, it’s not a solution for me, because relocating dimensions does not guarantee their position is saved indefinitely.

It works initially but after a while they can reset to the original position. So it’s not a very reliable way and more importantly it requires a lot more clicks.

Also, user does not have an option to move constraints.

I have set both “always show constraints” and “always show dimensions” toggles to off.

If i recall correctly, a couple of months back, the font size of dimensions and icon size of constraints were smaller. For me it was much easier to use sharpr3D then. Now i find myself zooming and panning and accidentally selecting unnecessary items a lot more than before.

I realise that this is subjective experience. But so is deciding what is best readability - it differs for everyone. The interaction area of these controls could be smaller when Apple Pencil is used.

There’re lots of variables here so, IMO, best would be to expose some option for user to control the size with a sensible default.