Dimension font size

Would you consider making the dimension call out larger by about 100%. I am working on 16" screen and the font is difficult to read.

Ditto. I assume the OP is using a 16" MacBook Pro as I am.

It would also be nice to get some contrast on the tool menus for when you’re working on an object that’s dark in that area, either due to applied color or generated shadows, making the tool text very hard to read. Maybe a small white outline would work.

Here are two screen shots of what I would like to see changed. One shows STL file I brought and it has no dimensions. I like to be able to measure or at lease have more than area shown at bottom of page.
Second shows the dimension box I see when I click on a object in a sketch. Very small font I’d like to be able to enlarge or maybe you could make the default larger.

New versions are much better in MacOS iOSiPad. Thanks