Dimension Help! Please

Hi a little Frustrated and confused, here. This should be dead easy. I am going to post to screen shots of 2 parts. What to look for is that I clicked on the edge of a circle on each of the 2 parts. As you can clearly see one part shows the X,Y, Z dimensions and I love it. That is what I am asking for BUT… As you can see the other part only shows the Circumference and nothing else. So what am I missing here? I would like both part to show these values… Circumference, Diameter, X,Y, Z, and maybe Radius. One other issue is with the 3MF file format. This format is supposed to export Dimensional data. My last print I had to print at 150% size in CURA 5.2 to get the part to print at the right dimensions. The part Measures about 44mm in Diameter. The same part as in the pic of the long tube. In Shapr3D it measures about 237mm in Circumference. Then if I take the Circumference / Pi = about 75mm in diameter. I am assuming searching the web that this is the formula to convert Circumference to Diameter. So I don’t know if the dimensions are wrong in Shapr3D or wrong in CURA. I am going to do more testing and I will report back my findings. As I said this should be dead simple.

From the look of it, none of these are circles, therefore they don’t have circumference, nor diameter shown.

On the second picture, you have another edge selected, the XYZ aren’t the absolute positions, but the delta/difference between the 2 selected edges.

The problem with Cura is interesting, could you test it by doing something very simple, like a 10x10x10mm cube, exported in 3MF, and see what comes out?

I still would like to know what the overall X, Y, Z dimensions of said parts in the Pics. Is there a way to do this?

Currently no. Measurements are available and you can pin them, but right now the coordinates inside the modelspace doesn’t matter much. Best is to model close to the origin, but that’s mostly it.

What would you use the XYZ dimensions for?

As a Work around it looks like I can use the Translate tool to measure between to point. If correct, then essentially I can measure the X, Y, Z dimensions. Also If I know the diameter of a perfect circle then that would be my X and Y dimensions as well. I know that my part is not a perfect circle.

Soon, you will be able to measure point to point distances with the Measurement tool. :wink: Stay tuned!

i have to agree having a little ezer measuring too be able to double check parts. right now i have to make a line and see what the measurement.