Dimensions at 3D objects



I not found a simple way to see the dimensions at a 3D object. (Like in 123D Design). Is only possible to see it in sketches?



No this is not possible, because in Shapr you don’t build up your designs from primitives. However, in a few weeks we will add measurement tools, that will let you check any dimensions of a shape.


Being able to see the measurements in an overlay would be amazing. I am using the app to design structures with dimensional lumber and it is difficult to fully use without seeing the final measurements.


We are wokring on it :slight_smile:


Hi! Is this still ina working on it state? What I need to do is show the size of something when the drawing is printed so I have a reference for later or when printing out a cut list for my piece (woodworking)



We have prototypes for this, but we are not sure when is it going to be released. Hopefully in a few months.


Is this ever going to become a feature? It’s very frustrating to not have the ability to show measurements for printing or screenshots. It would also be nice to add text.


Shapr3D is a modeler, not a layout app.
However, in the last version, there’s a powerful “infobox” when you select a line, a surface or a solid. Pretty powerful.