Dimension over rotation axis as diameter

Hello there,
I am new here either in the forum and the software.
Due to my personal history (see my profile-description) I tend to have a very gooD feeling, what the requirements of mechanical engineers (who are definately target-audience of shapr3d).
I have a lot of features in my quiver, but the first one I’d like to talk about is dimensioning sketches for rotaiton features:
Most of the time creating rotation-symmetric bodies via rotation-features we would like to have the ability to put the diameter into the sketches, instead of the radius.
In SolidWorks for instance this works by selecting the rotation-line (which has to be a „construction-line“) and the point you want to define the later diameter of the rotated body and then crossing the construction-line again (if you dont cross it, you can define the radius).
I hope this makes clear how it works, otherwise, please ask for additiona information.
Cheers Matt

Hi @Matt_the-Rathje, by default, circles will be dimensioned by diameter, arcs will be dimensioned by radius. You can change this setting to use radius always under the Settings menu.

Hello Istvan,
Thank you for your very fast reply.
That is not what I meant. Let me see if I can record a video to make it cristal clear.
Stay tuned!
Cheers Matt
Itt seems like I have to earn some more honor, to be able to upload data - I’ll get back onto this topic when the time has come! :wink:

I updated you trust level, you should be able to upload the video now.

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Hi Istvan,
thank you for your trust - I hope I can justify it! :wink:
I did not manage to upload a video so far, but I hope this sequence of pictures could do it too:

By crossing the construction-line with the mouse-curser to the left you have the opportunity to give a diameter instead of the radius, what comes in handy, when your plan is to rotate the sketch.
If you cross that line again to the right it is the radius again.
As long as you do not place the dimension with a LMB-click you can make up your mind whether you’d like to have a radius or diameter.
I hope that makes sense - thank you for your attention.
Cheers Matt

Hey Istvan,
It would be great if you could choose radius or diameter when in the circle/arc dim dialog, like how you can choose how to define the length of a line between absolute/horizontal/vertical.