Export in inches or mm?

When exporting a simple stl, and import them in Cura to 3d print them, the scale seems to be off. In Cura I use mm,. Is there a way to set the preferences to mm or inches? Or am I doing something wrong?

Currently units are in mm, but we are working on improving the unit system.

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So, does that mean if I draw something 2.75 inches tall and export it, the .stl will be 2.75mm tall instead?

P.S. This is a loaded question… it just happened to me.

I know this topic is a year old, but it might just still be relevant. Please advise!

STL does not support units. So if you export to STL it won’t contain any info about the units.

Sorry for the long rely time. Life got in the way…

I think I found a repeatable bug.

90% of the time I work in mm, but I just got a couple requests to design a few things using inches.

To my surprise, when I exported stl, it object was very small.

After your helpful reply, and a little experimenting, I realized that your stl export converts my 10 inch cube, to a 10mm stl!

Please add this to your next release!

As I mentioned before, STL does not contain any unit information. It contains dimensionless numbers. If you create a 1x1x1 inch cube in Fusion, Rhino or any other system, and import it to cura, it will interpret the numbers in the STL as millimeters. STL unfortunately is a dumb format, and it is a shame that it is the standard for 3d printing.

I see now. I guess still didn’t completely understand.

I’ll just scale all my inch work to 2540% and call it a day!

Thanks for clarifying…again :slight_smile: