Is it possible to continue sketching on the same plane in HBPM?

I am on 5.520.6160.0 #1615982e on a Windows PC.

I want to know if the exact opposite of this post is possible in the parametric beta.

I have ran into multiple instances where I need to add something to an already defined sketch plane and I can’t, unless you attach the geometry you’re adding to a pre-existing piece on the plane you want to add to. An example of this is projecting edges from a solid onto a construction plane, then realizing I need another edge from a separate solid, projecting it onto the same CP, but it comes in as a new sketch and the two edges cannot be utilized at the same time. I can post a video if that makes it easier.

You can manually reactivate an existing sketch from the items menu or the history list. If you do that, you will continue editing that original sketch and not create a new one.

Projection works a bit differently within and outside of sketch mode. When you’re in sketch mode with a sketch activated and you start the Project tool, you’ll project into that active sketch. When you activate Project from outside sketch mode, you’ll always create a new sketch. You can see the difference on the state of your design as well: when you start the Project tool while a sketch created in the past is active, the history will automatically roll back to that point – as you wouldn’t be able to project bodies that had not existed before the sketch was created.

Does this make sense? I’m happy to explain further if it’s not. The behavior of the Project tool here is indeed not the most intuitive thing, we’ll look into streamlining it a bit more.

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Hey Peter…that all makes sense. I had clicked on the sketches (in the Items and History panel), but it wasn’t clear that I could draw on them.

I just hid all of the sketches in the Items panel, clicked on one, it temporarily showed the sketch, I drew on it, escaped out of the command, and then unhid the sketch and the line I drew was there.

I think what was confusing me was I was drawing on the construction plane because I didn’t realize I could just click the sketch and draw on it again.

This is good to know…thank you.

P.S. I finally understand the Project tool in Sketch mode now too thanks to this post.

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