So I’ve had a play with the dimensioning, obviously unusable, but looks promising. You may know already but a couple of points:

  • 3rd Angle Projection is the standard format in the UK not 1st Angle.
  • Where I’m showing a distance that needs a different tolerance than the General drawing tolerance, I need to be able to write the upper limit above the arrows and lower limit below the arrows.
  • Need to be able to angle text.
  • If my drawing overhangs the paper borders, the lines mustn’t show beyond the border.

Long way to go, but we’ll done and good luck.

Thank you @ricko3k, that’s very kind of you! :heart::laughing:

We are actively working on adding more features to drawings. Some people like it already, you will too in a couple of months :sweat_smile:

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It sounds abit harsh maybe.
But it is unusable for me, way to basic.
I have put some positive suggestions there. Honestly though, a long way to go for me to use it. But, hard work I would imagine. Thankyou for your efforts.
Regards Richard.

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Fair enough, we understand that it’s quite early. Lots of improvements are coming in the upcoming weeks/months.

Tolerances are here!

Tolerances wow! No need to transfer dwg files into AutoCad to dimension them! Yippee, thankyou.