Dimensions again

I am having problems with dimensions again. So, I created a circle plane. Simple enough. I can enter the dimensions as I create the circle. Fine. Now, how do I change the dimensions of the circle I just created. And I don’t want to use Scalling. I just want to enter a new value on the calculator. Seems easy enough to me.

Just tap the edge of the circle, then tap the size tab and the dimensions panel will pop up.

Thank you. I don’t know if there is a glitch. Before when I taped on the edge of the circle no diameter number would show up. So no way to enter a new value. I just tried creating a new circle plane and it works as expected.

I see the issue. If I click on Sketch then circle then tap on the outside of the circle I can change the diameter value. But if I am not in the Sketch section if I tap on the circle it goes to the move option. Is there an easier want to go from move to calculator. Such as a double tap of something like that?

One more thing… I notice that all I have to do is tap on Sketch then tap on the circle to edit dimensions. This seems simple enough but it is not as intuitive as just single tap to move and double tap to enter dimensions. Also, I am so used to having to tap on the object to select then tap on the Move option.