Dimensions at 3D objects

UPDATE: drawings are finally here: 4.0 - 2D drawings + new pricing


I not found a simple way to see the dimensions at a 3D object. (Like in 123D Design). Is only possible to see it in sketches?


No this is not possible, because in Shapr you don’t build up your designs from primitives. However, in a few weeks we will add measurement tools, that will let you check any dimensions of a shape.


Being able to see the measurements in an overlay would be amazing. I am using the app to design structures with dimensional lumber and it is difficult to fully use without seeing the final measurements.

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We are wokring on it :slight_smile:

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Hi! Is this still ina working on it state? What I need to do is show the size of something when the drawing is printed so I have a reference for later or when printing out a cut list for my piece (woodworking)


We have prototypes for this, but we are not sure when is it going to be released. Hopefully in a few months.

Is this ever going to become a feature? It’s very frustrating to not have the ability to show measurements for printing or screenshots. It would also be nice to add text.

Shapr3D is a modeler, not a layout app.
However, in the last version, there’s a powerful “infobox” when you select a line, a surface or a solid. Pretty powerful.


Good day Marco,
Is 3D dimensions still in ‘Working on it” state?

I think you’re missing the point. If the modeled thing is meant to be built (it’s CAD, not art class), it’s integral to a production team to be able to produce the thing that is modeled. For non-CAD folks, that means having construction drawings with precise measurements and dimensions. For 3D modelers, it’s vital to verify that the dimensions and features of the model match spec before the print. Surface area and volume don’t get us there.

I.e.: I’m looking at an imported hood model in Shapr3D with a window opening. From inside shapr3D, I have no idea what the width and height of that opening is, but it’s vital to the project that it match spec. And, this could be said for every other single feature of this particular model.

For the cost of this app, I absolutely do not buy your “not a layout” answer. It is fundamental to every engineering project to know the dimensions of any given feature in a model. There’s no excuse.

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Hi, cna you share your thoughts on dimensions in this topic: Dimensioned drawings - Tell us how you need it

Your feedback would be much appreciated.

I agree, volume dimensions don’t mean much to me. My Monoprice Mini Delta printer goes by X, Y, & Z dimensions in mm. That’s all I really care about. This would make things so much easier. UMake does a better job at this function. Because of UMake I keep taping on a surface, line etc. expecting to see the dimensions. Sometime I see the dimensions other times I don’t see any dimensions which make things frustrating/confusing.
Or at the very least a measurement tool would be helpful.

Have you noticed the measurement panel in the bottom?

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Yes i will try to see if i can get used to using it.

Here is how you can measure objects in Shapr3D: https://support.shapr3d.com/hc/en-us/articles/115001445613-Where-can-I-see-detailed-measurements-of-my-shapes-and-objects-

It would be great if we could have the dimensions of the line always shown. You need this feature for civil site plans.

Personally, this application is used to create furniture pieces. Add a legend to the model showing the max delta on X and Y axis would give the client the specifics needed to determine feasibility. Yes, it would be great to show the measurements on each of the bodies or sketch planes, but I’m sure there are very limited use cases.

UPDATE: drawings are finally here: 4.0 - 2D drawings + new pricing