Dimensions Tool

Adding a dimension tool like fusion360 dimension tool. This will eliminate the need to use lines to locate objects in the sketch like centers of circles, distances between lines. Currently to locate a circle you have to draw a line from a known point, constrain the line vertically or horizontal, give it a length, do that for both horizontal and vertical, then draw the circle at the point at the end of line.

If we had a dimension tool we could draw the circle, put a horizontal and vertical dimension in that will remain visible so if you have to check the location of the circle you don’t have to go to a measurement tool and tap the line then look at another window to see the dimension. Also you don’t have to worry about the dimension from getting in the way when you go to extruding the sketch. This feature will improve the workflow imensly.

Having the dimensions visible at the location and in the right orientation makes the process quicker, more accurate, and documents the measurement much better then a line would.

You can position a circle with a dimension to an arbitrary point. Maybe I misunderstood your suggestion?

To locate an object we have to build lines and circles and then dimension them to locate another object. I propose having a dimension tool that locates an object without building the lines and circles to locate the object. As it stands now we have to draw the line dimension the line in both a horizontal and vertical direction to locate a point to place an object.

I reference fusion 360 dimension tool because I find it very intuitive and quick to locate objects in sketches and it also is a visible reference if I have to make changes to the location of an object.

The benefits are you don’t clutter your sketch with construction lines just to locate objects. You have a reference by seeing the dimension that can be changed quickly if needed. And when you go to extrude the sketch you don’t have to worry if your lines you used to construct the location of objects need to to be changed to construction lines.

Can you give a specific example? Can you share a screenshot?

After I investigated the sketch I found if you select the center of a circle and hold the shift key down and select another location a dimension will appear and you can mark it as vertical, horizontal, or distance between and put the dimension in it. To bring it up you just select the object again and the dimension appears so you can change it if you have to.

I was wrong just didn’t know how to work the dimension because they are hidden if you don’t know how to show them. This would probably be a good learning video describing how to locate objects in your sketch using hidden dimensions. Sorry for taking your time.