Distorted doors

Hi there, I’m trying to work out how I can distort/bend these doors on a project I’m doing to make them look like they’ve been hit with ram ?

Many thanks in advance.

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Here is something that can perhaps steer you in a direction or two. In this example I simulate a crashed hole thru the door as opposed to your request of distorting or bending. I used a Q&D geometric shaped crash body to demonstrate. Hope this helps.


And here it is with radii added around the perimeter of the crash body and shown without hard lines (for a tad more realistic look).


Here’s one more approach using Project. Hope this helps.


Mike thank you once again. I love these. As always you’re awesome :star_struck:


Another method is to project a spline onto your surface and pull it like taffy. Project to both sides (pull one side and push the other). Then I projected a sketch of the boards onto the bent surface and extruded.

And don’t forget lofting. That will also work. Loft the edge of your panel along a path with several sketches. That should allow greater distortion of the panel like warping the whole panel at it’s edges and the surface’s plane (tweaking the panel). My battery died or I would demonstrate. Sorry not good at making videos.

Lofting the distorted door panel is pretty straight forward. The trim and x bracing a bit more work but worth the effort. Used replace face and intersecting and offset duplicate door panel.

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