Distorted Imported Images?

Hi, I was going to ask about whether the ability to apply images to model surfaces was in the development timeline. But then thought I would see what could be done with the current image import function.

In doing so I keep getting distorted images and wondered whether there was a memory constraint or whether it is something else?

I started by importing a wood grain jpeg file for a table top - which seems fine


Then thought about using images to create a background.
So I started a new drawing and imported an image of some mountains and turned it vertically

( A quite separate question is why when importing a image - do they always come in at a strange angle ? )

I then imported an STL file of the table into the scene and added the wood grain image again
And continued to play, adding a box, a graphic on the box, reversed models under the floor with opacity settings to create the illusion of reflections etc.


However, during this time, and usually if I had 3 images or more displayed, the others would “distort” and look like this


Using the image Selector in the Groups area, I have tried switching the various images on and off and also tried lower resolution / image file sizes, but I still get the same result - at some point some of the images distort

Here I have switched off the backgound image and now the floor and table top are OK


Your thoughts please.

PS. In case it was a memory issue on my iPad, I switched off all other apps, but that made no difference.



unfortunately, this is an internal device memory issue. Closing other apps won’t make a difference, the only workaround is to decrease the resolution of your images.

Sorry for the inconvenience,

As to you question about the placement of the images after import. It always depends on the current view you have.

Hi Peter,

Could you give me some guidelines then please for the maximum resolution per image OR per set of images

Is there a pixel count limit that Shapr can handle or is it kbytes.

Knowing this I could plan appropriately.

Thank you


OK I will explore with different viewpoints when importing and see what that does

Thank you

OK, got it, I can control the image placement by choosing a view - like Front view - before importing the image. As below.

Thank you



Can’t give you an exact number because it depends on several factors. There is only a total memory limit (to which not only images contribute), which is independent of the number of images. As a ballpark number it’s probably around 3-5 high res (few K) pictures in total, so in the end what counts is the sum pixel count of all the images you have in the workspace (which equals with a certain memory requirement).

Jut to let you know we were able to significantly increase the max image count, should be 3-4x of the original limit. It’s already out in 3.5.2