Importing photos issue


I’m having trouble importing photos. When I import some photos they look good, but sometime photos looks dark, greenish and a little transparent. Dose anybody know how to solve this issue?

Thanks fort your help.


could you please send us a screenshot how exactly they look like?

Thanks, Peter

Thanks Peter for your fast response. This should look as walnut wood.



I had the same issue when importing multiple photos

The answer given was that there is a memory constraint related to the number of pixels

So, have a go at importing lower resolution images and see how that goes

The Shapr team weren’t able to specify the maximum pixel count per design so it will be a case of trial and error.


PS see my Forum note - Distorted Imported Images ?

Yes same issue, thanks Kevin.

We will try to look into this issue in the near future. Can’t promise any results, but would like at least to come up a more precise recommendation regarding images.

Thanks for the suggestion. I think that’s probably the reason, memory issue. I used a lot of pictures to simulate textures to see how it will look the final product, and the panels are big. Also noticed that sometime worked and sometimes not and sometimes a photo was ok and after importing another the one that was good turned bad. I think is the ability to handle big amount of photos. I love the app and I use a lot, but it will be nice if in the color tool Shapr3D can add textures or materials. Also a writing tool to label peaces.

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Jut to let you know we were able to significantly increase the max image count, should be 3-4x of the original limit. It’s already out in 3.5.2

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