Imported image resolution


Here is a question. Why is the imported image resolution so limited? It sucks when you have a high quality plan or image that you want to trace in Shapr to get it as accurate as possible but all you end up with after import is a blurry low resolution mess. I thought it might be because of the limited RAM in the iPad (which shouldn’t be the case considering other applications being able to handle very large image files) so I downloaded the PC version of Shapr and the same thing happens there. This is really frustrating for me and my workflow. Now I am looking for an alternative where I can use a high resolution image to trace and then import the DWG to shaper. Not the workflow I would prefer. This seems like an easy fix.

Cmon, you can find better solutions for your workflow than pushing hardware or software to its current limits.

Please show example of high resolution task you want to do then we will see.

Until then some ideas from experience:

  • crop you image before import to area you want to work
  • edit and erase what you don’t need on image before import
  • scale model

Share image and real task if you want some more ideas.

This shouldn’t be an issue at all. I am currently working on a 75000p project in affinity designer on my iPad. It’s not pushing the hardware or software limits. It’s 2022. Cropping and trying to stitch together a high resolution image in Shapr is a nightmare. That is not a “better” workflow. Even if you crop the image the resolution is very limited. Here is my project example.

That image is crispy and super clear outside of shapr.