Image Creation Failed? (When trying to Import image)

  • Rebooted iPad
  • Closed app & relaunched it
  • Up to date iOS 13.5.1
  • On iPad Pro 12.9 (2020 Model)
  • About 800 gigs of free space (RAM is not being interfered with)
  • No apps running in background (RAM is not being interfered with)
  • On paid subscription (thus, no free user limitations)


I have a 3D object I am working on.

I then decided to import an image, so I can trace something I would like from that image, onto my 3D object.

I keep getting the Image Creation Failed on import. As if, S3D does not allow images within the same project that has 3D objects.

Yet… I was able to import the image just fine onto its own project, where it was by itself.

Is this a bug?

Please see video below, in it…

you will notice where image failed to import (the image with yellow wires in the bottom of photo gallery is the one I’m trying to import)

Then after you will see, where it is in it’s own project by itself.

Since I can’t import the image onto my project that has a 3D object - is it possible…

to import a 3D object from one project into another? (If so how?) by uploading to iCloud then importing back onto project?

See video of issue:

Hi, it’s the same issue as in your initial post.

Checking the two videos, the grid size for the workspace where image import fails is 100ft and the other workspace is 1ft. The design with that zoom level is almost out of the workspace camera range.

Please zoom in a bit and you will be able to import the image.