Does Shapr3D work with my 2018 iPad

I have searched everywhere to get a definitive answer as to if this program really works with my iPad and Apple Pencil. I see where it says iPad Pro only and I see it will also work with pencilcapable iPad 2018. Please help I really want to use this app

Download the app, it’s free to try

Yes, it works on the 2018 iPad woth and Apple Pencil.

Yes, it works on 2018 iPads. We’ll take a look at our compatibility docs again and update it, we may have missed to do it somewhere as you’ve pointed it out. Thanks

Will the app work with the Logitech Crayon ??

Yes it does, although you won’t be able to make splines with it.

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any chance to have a secondary way of adding splines ?

I will buy an iPad Pro to anyone who figures out a reasonable way to draw splines, that passes user tests and does not involve a button/menu/etc. We thought about it a lot.

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it’s an old post but who cares, i read it today.

  1. draw an arc and in place where there is going to be a point simply draw a super small loop, so a gesture can be detected and a user can switch direction. everything as a single motion. a point should be placed in that place and a next segment can be added.

as a loop i mean: but i guess way smaller.

should be doable and will work for pens without pressure levels.

  1. you did not mention voice commands :slight_smile: you can draw and say ‘full stop’ or whatever you want.

but in the end i like to current implementation. sadly that logitech crayon stylus doesn’t have pressure levels :frowning:


Hold the stylus longer than 0.5 seconds still to generate a knot. Make the time configurable. Also make a spline function where you can set an automatic knot every distance. This way you can draw fast and every e.g. 1 mm a knot will be generated. Don’t know about processor power but if that is an issue you can end the spline if one draws too fast.
You can give sound and visuals as feedback when generating the knot. Visual could be a the menu flashing at every generation.

I think I have found some workaround. Works only in fit mode. If you start spline very quick program will create first node but will not make a sound. The sound will appear with second node and then you can make third. After that you may add any numer of nodes, move them around and shape your curve as you will.

Hi, that’s correct, It’s only possible to add new spline points while using the Fit Spline option.
Let us know if you experience any issues editing a Spline, we would be glad to assist.