Can’t get spline tool to work

Hi, I’m using an IPad Pro new gen 2018 with an Apple Pencil (2nd gen), ive seen the tutorials and practicing, it might be a problem with this current software version and the new pencil because it’s not recognizing the pressure change to create control points, please solve this issue to correctly try this app that looks amazing.

Hello, welcome to Shapr3d community forums. I tested and it works great for me. To create spline points, you will need to slightly press down with the pencil and then release the pressure on the pencil (without lifting the Pencil from the screen). If you are still not able create spline points, to better assist you and understand the issue, please send us a screen recording showing the issue.

I’m having the same exact issue. Even after I apply extra pressure (I even risk breaking the tip with such strong pressure) - without lifting the pencil from screen. The app simply won’t recognize the pressure. I’m using Ipad pro 2017 with apple pencil 1

here is some recording my ipad screen, i’m applying very hard pressure with no luck, the spline tool simply wont detect the pressure and make points.

It happens to me as well
What I do I lighten my hand a little and apply a little force after.
What I think it is, the ipad/app might be memorizing your hand pressure and save it until your hand pressure increase
Maybe because while we press we move a little and considers it as the normal pressure.
It’s annoying I give you that. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Wow that’s weird :dizzy_face:

Probably a dumb question, and maybe asked already, but have we confirmed the push feature is enabled in the iPad settings?

Hi, the only setting on my ipad under apple pencil is: “draw using pencil only” , which is set enabled. I’m not sure about this push feature you’re referring too, maybe you can help me screenshot the setting? thanks mate

Well, it seems I misspoke. I was thinking of the iPhone, which has settings one can turn on or off. I presumed we had that on the iPad, but as I investigated, it does not exist. I’d recommend an appointment with Apple, to have them explore either the Pencil or the iPad. Sorry for misleading you. McD

Hi @Luxeave,
It may be a dumb question, but can you please check in any other app like Notes if the pressure sensitivity of the pencil works well?
My second idea would be to set the sensitivity in the app to light, but that has been done :slight_smile: What if you turn off the draw using pencil only?
There were some adventures with Assistive Touch feature before, is it turned on?

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Hi Peter, I have tried different configuration such as switching draw using pencil only on and off. I also tried applying pressure on procreate while using some pressure-sensitive brushes, and it worked fine. I haven’t been using assistive touch, but I did try to see the effect if I turn that on and off while trying on the spline tool.
I have also rebooted the ipad, and made the ipad forget the pencil on bluetooth setting, the spline simply won’t work. I figure this could be the pencil problem, or the latest OS update problem.
Anyways, if only Shapr3D can have “add spline points” on pencil contact (the way photoshop is able to add anchor points) on the next iteration, it would be perfect :slight_smile:
Thanks for trying to help

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I like this idea. I’ve been using splines much more as of late, and it seems a little awkward to drag the line and increase pressure to set a point. I’m getting used to it, but I can see it being easier to just tap points.

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