Trouble drawing straight lines

Finally I gave in instead of waiting for the Surface version and bought a new Ipad air 2019 , I plan to purchase the app after I learn the basics. My problem is when drawing a straight line it takes a few tries and nothing happen at first , is it an issue because I am using the free demo app or do I need the pressure sensitive apple pencil ? (I bought the compatible Crayon by Logitech, which has not pressure sensitivity, it was $70 vs $100 for apple pencil). Thank you !

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There are reports that the Crayon functions well with The iPad.

I would suggest trying casual light pressure ‘confident’ strokes, I.e., without hesitation.
Don’t worry about where you begin and end your stroke.
When you can create a line every time experiment with very light increases in pressure if you feel it will help.
Do not expect S3D to provide ‘artistic’ style strokes with varying widths, even with an Apple Pencil.

Switch on the Snaps, Magnet Icon at lower right, S3D will help you place your lines without you having to be super precise.

Without personal experience with the Crayon it is not possible for me to help fully.
Please share your progress, and the S3D Team and Forum Members are always ready to help.
Keep experimenting, now you have the kit it is almost free of charge. Best wishes.

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First of all, thanks for the trust. Unfortunately, we are not supporting the Crayon, only the Apple Pencil.

We have seen other styluses working with Shapr3D, but we don’t guarantee that they will work with any of our functions. If you can, please exchange your crayon to a pencil.

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Thank you.

Thank you. I do have 14 days exchange from the Apple store. I will do that.

Here is an update and hopefully it will help future users with the same question: I just came back from the apple store and exchanged the crayon by Logitech for the Apple Pencil and lines are perfect now ! So, crayon was the problem, it does not work well with the program . I also just bought a one year subscription ! :slight_smile:

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Smart move, glad you are sorted.
Really great to have first hand info about this situation.
I have amended my comment on the subject.

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