Draw a hole

Hey pros, I have a short question and I don’t find a proper solution.

As you see in my picture I am trying to build this piece and I have a hard time to define where the “hole” is sitted. Like, I can either define the hole precisely but then i can’t get a smooth transition to the angle with the long straight…I need to have the middle of the holes on a specific position.
Right now the onliest way for a smooth transition from the hole to the line is with adding a radius to a point. Sorry…hard for me to say this in english as it is super specific.

How would you do this? Any Ideas?

Thanks a lot,


Where exactly do you need the hole, that’s not clear to me. Maybe you can make a little sketch on your screenshot.

If you find it difficult to explain, use deepl.com. just type it in German and copy the English here.

You could also define the hole already in the sketch part, and then connect the straight lines to it.

Something similar to:

Make sure to use constraints, the lines should be tangent to the circle, and have equal length.

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