Draw File from a Photo?

Probably a stupid question, but if I take a photo of something, can Shapr3D try to map the contours? Forgive me because I know nothing.

No, but if you could somehow convert it to a DXF vector drawing it should work. I’m not sure what the state of image-to-vector apps is these days.

Apps I’ve used are not that accurate. Illustrator works very well for creating vector files from jpeg or png, and exports to dxf. Also, no stupid questions! I spent a week trying to figure this out when I started because I didn’t even know what I was asking for or any of the terminology yet.

I’m a Corel Draw guru. Corel Trace works reasonably well. However CorelDraw is amazing at drawing over photos. It’s vector tools are top notch. Painstaking work, but worth it.