Draw sketch from existing part

I would like to know how can I get sketch from existing 3D drawing?

Add construction planes and use the project tool :+1:t2:


I tryed add construction plane and can do it only 2D face.And what about top of the tunnel? How can I draw it? I want to unpack tunnel on flat xy axis.

Another thing that sketch needs to be on xy axis when I want to cut same shape on water jet

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Hi Majo,

As Robert stated you can create a construction plane and use the project tool.

You can create a cons. Plane in various ways. Like you can draw a line on one of the axes, and then you can use the “through edge at angle” way of creating the plane. If you want I can show you a video about it, if you can share the file :slight_smile:


I can not find project tool

It’s under tools

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Here is a video on how to do it: https://youtu.be/njf8_cg-Kpc

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Yes.right,thank you
But I need to draw something different.Let me explain what I want to draw on sketch.Just imagine the tunnel is from bent steel plate and when I use sketch from top view there is not the same as already made bent steel plate tunnel…

Top blue line is shorter than blue line of edge of tunnel.I want to draw length and shape the edge of the tunnel on top view sketch. Is it possible?

Oh - I’ve got your file in email and I think you are using the plane+project tool combo correctly.

The problem is, that you are making sheet metal (I assume), and you would like to unfold the 3D body and project that. It is not possible yet. You can export it to other CAD to make that happen. Look for an unfold - or sheet metal.