Is it possible to produce a sketch from the top surface of a flat body?

I have a body, but I want to change it (angles, lengths etc). Unfortunately I have deleted the sketch from which the body was extruded.
Is it possible to select the flat top surface of the body, and from this generate a sketch?



Yes, you can project the face of the body to a construction plane and it will create a sketch as you need.

1/ add a construction plane offset by 1mm from the body’s face : it will create a plane parallel to the face
2/ select the top face and use projection tool to project it on the construction plane. It will create a new sketch with the outline of the body.

Sorry not to upload a video as I don’t have access to my compter right now.

Thank you. I am constantly amazed by (1) how helpful you guys are and (2) the power of Shapr3d. I am so pleased to have made the switch from Sketchup.

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