Draw text on an arc?

I am looking to see if there is a simple way to add text to a surface using a pre defined arc sketch. This picture shows letters curved on a simple arc. This was created using Fusion 360. I can’t seem to find an easy way to do this with in Shapr3D. Sure I can add the individual letters then position each individually at the desired angle and position but that is a pain.

Bummer…this one simple thing is the last thing I use fusion for.

For warped or arced text, I do it in Photoshop and import a jpg into Shapr3D and scale it to fit the object I’m working on. It works fine, although it would be nicer to do it all in Shapr.

In Lightburn you can do this to bend texts
Really nice feature that we need here


Oh nice! I’ll have to look into this