Duplicate being Prevented? (Video Inside)

  • Rebooted iPad
  • Closed app & relaunched it
  • Up to date iOS 13.5.1
  • On iPad Pro 12.9 (2020 Model)
  • About 800 gigs of free space (RAM is not being interfered with)
  • No apps running in background (RAM is not being interfered with)
  • On paid subscription (thus, no free user limitations)

S3D preventing me from duplicating?


What am I doing wrong?

I have been creating duplicates just fine, ever since I discovered it about an hour or so ago. Which I wrote about it here:

From troubleshooting standing point. The following below I deemed potential triggers that may neglect duplication, but I am respecting those barriers:

  • 3D object body is not union
  • Sketch planes is not chosen in the duplicate process



In the Video it appears that only the Circular Face of the end Body and the Cylindrical Faces of the other chosen Bodies have been selected?
The whole Body must be selected to enable it to be Copied.
Hit the Items Icon and from the pop out Select the Bodies you want to Copy
A partial Selection is indicated by a Blue Line on the left, while a whole Body Selection shows full Blue:

The outcome is different dependent on the method used to Select.
It may not Copy, may Move or Distort if only some faces are Selected:

In the last ScreenShot the Cube was Double Tapped to

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Hi, as Gelphyn mentioned you will need to select the entire body to make the duplicate copy.

If you will like to have only that part, after you have made a duplicate copy:
Tap to select unwanted parts
Tap on delete to remove them from the duplicate copy while still having the original body as backup against unwanted results.

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Thank you fellas.

So I cannot copy of a portion of an object body. Got it!