Duplicate Button (not translate+copy)

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The problem that this feature will solve:
I have a folder with my entire model that I want to copy, to rearrange the pieces. Usually you copy things by just grabbing the piece, translating it with +Copy on, and moving it back. However, you can’t do this on a sketch with any locked points. Even worse, if you’re trying to move a folder, and there’s a sketch anywhere with any locked point, you can’t do so. Meaning you can’t copy it.

Additionally, this renders sketches with locked points straight-up uncopyable. You could find and unlock every point, but points are generally locked for a reason. You could make a mental note of which points to re-lock, but that’s a pain, and infeasible for large+complex sketches. Lastly, you COULD project the sketch onto a new plane, but then you lose all your constraints.

Brief description of the outcomes that you expect from this feature:

Having a duplicate button (presumably beside Rename when you slide an item in layers) would solve this, and just duplicate the selected item in place.

It also means we can duplicate things in place without using the Copy+Translate method, which let’s be honest, is a workaround. It’s functional (for the most part - see above~!) but it’s not meant to be duplicate, it’s meant to copy something WITH a translation. Having to move something back to its original position is unnecessary.

What can’t you achieve without this feature?
Lacking a duplicate-in-place function turns what should be a one-second afterthought task into tedium. In the case of complex objects with multi-layer folder hierarchies, it could mean several minutes of careful selection, which could be wholly undone by one deselection mis-tap.

NOTE: “Select All > Bodies Only” is NOT a viable solution for this issue, because selecting bodies only does NOT preserve folder hierarchy. You have to manually select the folders, and then manually deselect everything WITHIN that folder that prevents you from copying.

Here, I have my folder selected, but the “Move” tool is not present.

Inside the folder, you can see the selected objects, including a folder called “hidden sketches” inside of which I have dozens of sketches. Many of them have locked points. Note that the move tool is still missing.

As soon as I deselect the “hidden sketches” folder, this becomes movable (and thus copyable).


Hi Curiobot,
I like the idea of a duplicate button.

At times like this, where the command I want isn’t there, I have found the Search to be useful. If you use search, you can find the Move (+) command and it will work. I’m sure there are things that won’t work, but it seems that sometimes the adaptive user interface doesn’t adapt!?!

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Yeah, it makes perfect sense, adding it is on our short-term roadmap.

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