.dxf import?


Can i import .dxf files?

Currently you can’t, only IGES and STEP. But usually if you have a DXF file, you can convert it to those formats as well.

I think import and export of dwg, dxf would be very helpful.

Why import:
When using this software for interior spaces or the design of objects for a specific context we often import a dxf or dwg drawing. If these drawings can be used directly as a sketch that can be extruded it would be very helpful . Furthermore we now work with a scanning app called magicplan. If we could use the .dxf this program creates directly in shapr3d and continue drawing the interior would be fantastic . Now we have to redraw the .jpeg image we import.

Why export:
We often produce elements at lasercutters, watercutters and other cnc production companies . If shapr could be used also for these purposes it would open many new doors. Adding a dxf, dwg would open these possibilities. These relatively simple additions would make the step for purchasing the software much easier for me, but iam sure for many other small production companies. (Together with the technical drawing option of course )


Doing so may increase the cost of Shapr3D as there are likely license fees involved.