Easiest way to create uniform spaced cuts?

I have situations where I need to subdivide something into an uneven number and this is hard to do additively and come out overall dimensionally correct. Wondering what the best way to do that it is?

I have a 2m x 1.5m rectangle and I want that to be composed of a grid of 60 x 45 squares. Each square is therefore 3.3333 cm. It’s not easy to create this because snapping and gridlines don’t match.

The way I’ve been doing it is to create a line and copy on move, then move it by a keyed amount. This takes ages…

An ability to drag out a grid and specify width/heigh and the subdivisions on each axis would be amazing.

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The best way to do this IMO is to draw the first line, select it, click on the little “+” icon next to the move/copy handles, drag the handle in the direction you want just enough to separate the copy from the original, click on the number in the dimension that appears, and type in the spacing. Rinse, repeat.

You can speed that up by selecting multiple lines to copy as you accumulate lines and do the same thing, only with a spacing that’s an integer multiple of the spacing equal to the number of lines.

But no way to generate or subdivide in an automated fashion? The case above took me many hours to do manually (2,700 lines).

Not at present. The whole array-of-objects feature set has yet to be released. BTW, re-read by reply above: I edited it for a quicker way to get the lines you need.