Easy modeling with sharp3d : Socket of bulb lamp

I just bought ipad 9 about 2 weeks ago, then i try make this one, really love the way of shapr3d to embody a desin into 3d assembly (i call the socket complicated coz im newbie :sweat_smile: , so easy to use , i use inventor, fusion 360; for fast idea realization, I think sharp3d is numero uno…


Always a good feeling when you try something new and you get soon a nice result :slight_smile:

BTW: How did you make the ends of the thread so smooth? With the end face and some lofting?


PS: Your thread is in the wrong direction (o;

Hehehe…I did not the realize the thread in the wrong way…thank you for let me know. Actually the end is not so smoth, I just try the fast method, I scale the thread profile further from the end, small enough, then I loft it with the the profile, and fillet, then pull the profile till it make a dot and coincide with the cylinder wall. Actually, to make smooth curvature of ending, 3 or more scale profile needed. If you have any idea for ending thread, share with me please…

Thank you and happy modeling!

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