Edge Loop Selection

I want to quickly select all the edges in a loop or ring. This feature request was filed by swebel in general and I’m promoting it here:

Screenshots are in the original post link above.

double click an edge to select a ring, or toggle selection to a loop as noted in the above original request be swebel

I should be able to quickly select all the edges in a loop or a ring from a given edge. If traversal path options may be pursued by the operation, a ghosted indicator such as a dotted line on a path of edges could allow the user to click one of the path choices and complete the operation.

Without it, manual selection of a ring or loop to chamfer or bevel a series of edges requires orbiting the object manually and shift+clicking each edge. This takes quite a bit of time for each operation and is prone to missing an edge or accidentally releasing the shift key and clearing the selection entirely requiring the user to re-start the operation.

Not a blocker but I need this operation consistently on joints in most objects so requires quite a bit of manual work.

You can use the highlight tool(¿click drag?) in some cases. On the left side it has an edge option. Or select the face and the chamfer tool will select the edges associated with that face, if you have to, you can deselect what you don’t need.