Highlighting all edges exclusively for chamfer/bevel

Hello forum, when creating objects and doing the finish work on them a bevel or chamfer is usually the last step and works best if it’s done with the entire edge simultaneously, as it seems,… Is there a shortcut to highlight the entire object and leave only the edges highlighted with the planes inactive so I can pull once or push once and blend my edges. Otherwise, I’m spending way too much time highlighting the one by one and then often times losing them with half of the item highlighted… Very frustrating. If anyone knows of a shortcut on how to do this it would be greatly appreciate…


Area selection has filters, where you can select edges only. I think that is what you are looking for :slight_smile:

Thank you very much, sometimes you just need another person‘s perspective. After taking a second look at the item selection menu carefully I noticed that there is an option to tap the face and select all edges, as well as an advanced option where if you tap usually 1 to 3 faces you can select every edge possible on the object which is going to save me an immense amount of time,……. thank you very much again.