Feature request: Select edge loop & ring


I’ve seen this feature request before, so I’m just including an image to highlight edge ring selection as well. I know this is probably in the works, so I’m sorry if this only serves as nagging. :innocent:

I use a lot of chamfers & bevels when doing hard surface modeling, but manually selecting edges is a pain. I think the following change makes sense:

Double clicking/tapping on an edge will select edge loop (with some option to switch to edge ring).

Double clicking/tapping face will select entire body.

Also, maybe add an automatic “mode select lock” based on the first selection - If I select a face, I can only continue to select faces - If I select an edge, I can only continue to select edges. I haven’t thought this through however, but it seems logical. Perhaps even allowing CMD+A to select all edges/faces of the current body after a single selection?

As always, I love Shapr3D and want to use it even more (almost dropped Fusion 360 now). It’s faster in some ways, but could be even faster (i.e. Blender speed). I think selection tools should be first up, followed by other voted feature requests, such as Toggle Body Visibility (so extruding other bodies doesn’t cause boolean operations).

Oh, and of course - Add Edge Loop and Split Body along plane. Would make a huge difference.

Thank you for reading this far. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I really need this feature! manually selecting an entire edge ring or loop is taking quite a bit of my time on complicated models.

Good place for feature requests is in Feature requests. :slight_smile: